KOSE Recipe

Beans (Pre-soaked for 2-3 hours)


2 cups of Oil

1 whole Onion



All purpose Flour


Firstly cut the onion in half and chop half of it in the blender, go ahead and add the pepper and Maggie cube and the pre-soaked beans with just about 3 spoons of water, and BLEND until smooth.


Once its all blended put it in a bowl and sprinkle about 3 teaspoon of All purpose flour on it and chop up the rest of the onions and add it into the bowl and bring it all into a mix.


Get a deep frying pan, add about two cups of oil in the pan and make sure its on moderate heat and you pay close attention to it, when its hot. Drop spoon size of the Kose mixture into the oil, try to drop about five in there at a time and remember to flips them as you go. They should cook for about five minutes on medium heat.


You can eat this with koko or by itself. Enjoy Prodigy’s and if you have any questions feel free to email me or for a faster contact snap chat me: AfricanProdigy